Sunday, 25 May 2014

Pewtermane's solution to Lightningwing's problem

Dear Pewtermane,
My hen's chick, Rockfoot, has developed a taste for painting her talons
and listening to screech songs. This is annoying because I can can't teach her
Mathematics! I know she is a female, but still, she should know about how to solve an algebraic expression by now! How can I get her intrested in Maths?
Yours, Lightningwing the Brazzle.

Dear Lightningwing,
Starvation works quite well. Shackle her to a perching rock, but use a long chain so that she can access a dirtboard. Then set her a number of problems, but don’t feed her until she’s learned to solve them all. You will need to explain things every so often, otherwise she’ll waste away altogether. If you want something a bit less drastic you could try replacing her talon lacquer with super-treacle, and getting her to calculate a spell to counter it.
Yours, Pewtermane


Luke said...

I love the books, they are my favorite! I read a lot, and the Divide is the best! Are you ever going to do a prequel or a sequel to the Divide? :)

Elizabeth Kay said...

I don't think so, but try my new book, Ice Feathers. It's set in prehistoric Antarctica and features an intelligent parrot with a personality not unlike Ironclaw's.

Luke said...

Thanks, I will try that book!