Tuesday, 23 October 2007

More snakes...

It seems that there's an interloper at Adder Mansions... This rather handsome grass snake has been basking in the late autumn sunshine, not too far away from the pile of brushwood the adders call Home. It's a bit shy about having its photograph taken, however, and doesn't hang around for long.

Friday, 12 October 2007

Lilywithers introduces herself

Hiya, kids, colts, fillies and foals!

My name's Lilywithers, and I'm taking over from Pewtermane as agony aunt. I'm a lot younger than the old master - I've only just completed my Thinking is Good for You course - but I'm raring to go. My special interests are mythical singers; unlike Fuzzy, I'm not into squawk music. I think Led Zeppelin and the Arctic Monkeys are really smooth. So let's get started.

Dear Pewtermane,
Help! I am a Japegrin and my eyes are starting to turn blue! I'm trying to find a potion to change them back; I was considering Snakeweed's potions, but I'm not sure I trust him... He's scary.

Your friend, Rainflower

Dear Rainflower,
What a cool name! Names are like, crucial. You’re dead right not to trust Snakeweed’s potions. If I were you, I’d listen to a lot of Frank Sinatra records because there's an old brittlehorn saying - like cures like.
To find out Frank Sinatra’s nickname, click here:
and look under Background information.

pp Pewtermane