Wednesday, 20 April 2011

More Counselling

Dearest Pewtermane,

I am a young male Brazzle, though I am not interested in math what so ever. My family is worried about me, But it seems I have the heart of a female, I LOVE more than anything in this world, HISTORY. How can I fit in and do what I love at the same time?

Thank you dear friend, Topazclaw.

You can't. It's like expecting a one-eye to write a cheerful poem. If you wish to pursue this discussion, reply to this post where it says Comments.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Pewtermane's Counselling Service

Dear Pewtermane,

I am a young female brazzle. My left wing feathers are smashed looking and I can’t seem to preen them enough to look more elegant. I also have trouble flying with my crooked up feathers – the air is meant to go smoothly across my wing instead I fly nicely on one side and horribly on the other. Blazing Feathers, what to do…

Sincerely, Opaleye

Dear Opaleye,

Only show your good side. It will mean, of course, that you can only fly in one direction - but fortunately, all worlds are round, so you should end up back where you started. Eventually.