Monday, 29 June 2009

Creative writing courses

I'm going to be teaching two writing courses in the summer holidays.

From Monday 27th July to Friday 31st July I'll be teaching a general creative writing class for kids aged 10+ at The Malden Centre, in Surrey. For more information telephone 020 8336 7770.

From Monday 3rd to Friday 7th August I'll be teaching a fantasy writing course in Kingston. For details, click here THIS COURSE IS FREE!!!

These classes are great fun - see you there!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

And here's the missus...

It's been quite a nice summer for snakes so far. Here's a female adder, sunning herself.

For those in the area, I shall be teaching a children's creative writing course at The Malden Centre, KT3 4TA, from Monday 27th July to Friday 31st July, from 10 - 12 each morning. Phone: 0208 336 7770.