Monday, 15 December 2008

A New Poem...


Everybody ran from me,
Snatching my dignity.
But it wasn't as if I'd take their heads on which to feed,
Now my boss was no longer Snakeweed.

Friends were new to me
And Turpsik, she was no beauty!
But she was a friend to me
For all to see!

When I crossed the divide I had so many feasts
So I wrote my book Dining out on Mythical Beasts.
My book created such a buzz
I now work in the library with Betony, Thornbeak, and Granitefuzz.

I'm a peaceful being as you can see
Now I must mention, Turpsik put this poem together for me!

Declaimed by Grimspite, and then written down by Turpsik, who passed it on to Yehudit Charin, (aged 10) from London, England.