Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Another problem for Lilywithers

Dear Lilywithers, I'm a female brazzle. I'm only young, so my historian skills aren't amazing, but I am a bit of a perfectionist. I had spent ages using my father's dirtboard to write out historical facts about spells and things like that, and when I had finished I showed my father. It was the first big fact page I had ever written so my he gave me a big celebration. I was so proud of myself that I read through it all again, and I spotted a MISTAKE!!! It was terrible! Now I'm checking my work through so much that I'm working really slowly... I know it's not much, but I get a panic attack every time I think that I've done something wrong...PLEASE HELP ME!!Thunderwing

Hi Thunderwing, You need to learn to chill out. Try having a dust bath. Dirt boards have other uses too, you know!
Cheers, Lilywithers

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