Friday, 12 October 2007

Lilywithers introduces herself

Hiya, kids, colts, fillies and foals!

My name's Lilywithers, and I'm taking over from Pewtermane as agony aunt. I'm a lot younger than the old master - I've only just completed my Thinking is Good for You course - but I'm raring to go. My special interests are mythical singers; unlike Fuzzy, I'm not into squawk music. I think Led Zeppelin and the Arctic Monkeys are really smooth. So let's get started.

Dear Pewtermane,
Help! I am a Japegrin and my eyes are starting to turn blue! I'm trying to find a potion to change them back; I was considering Snakeweed's potions, but I'm not sure I trust him... He's scary.

Your friend, Rainflower

Dear Rainflower,
What a cool name! Names are like, crucial. You’re dead right not to trust Snakeweed’s potions. If I were you, I’d listen to a lot of Frank Sinatra records because there's an old brittlehorn saying - like cures like.
To find out Frank Sinatra’s nickname, click here:
and look under Background information.

pp Pewtermane

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Cloud_Walker said...

Hey Lilywithers! I just wanted to say thank you on complementing my name, I also thought it was quite clever! And I also wish to inform you that I will take your advice, Snakeweed bad, Frank Sinatra good. *giggles*
Hey Mrs. Kay! I like your second brittlehorn's name too, I have a dog named Lily, so I was thinking about that... Anyway, I like that Lilywithers is more to the point then Pewtermane. And I LOVE your books! They have a little bit of everything! Well, I thank you for posting my "problem", and I hope you'll write another "Divide book". If you want to use "Rainflower", you may, if your interested, that is...