Monday, 21 May 2007

In reply to Ryan's email

Dear Ryan,
I've been unable to reply to your email, as it keeps being rejected.

As Pewtermane is still meditating on the true nature of an itch (he’s tackled fleas, lice and heat rash so far) he remains unavailable to answer your problems. The fleas got a little out of hand, so at the moment he feels he has enough problems of his own. He has, however, asked me to deal with anything that crops up. So, Ryan, in answer to your question about how you change your ancestry the answer is: you can’t. You could always lie about it, of course, which is probably what Pewtermane meant. You would also like to know what’s wrong with being part japegrin. Nothing whatsoever, as long as you like the company of sinistroms. They prefer japegrins as masters, as japegrins are more likely to order them to do something really violent. If you wish to take this discussion any further, please do it through comments.


Marc said...

Hi elizabeth! I love your books. and bought all three at first sight! First my teacher had it and i got really into it but it was tword the end of the year so i had to give it back. bieng that i love reading i was pretty sad but one day my brother went to a store called gamestop which was right next to barnse and noble so i dicided to look if they had it.. and thats when i found out it was a series so i got really exited and begged my mom to buy all three so she did.. im on the second one now. i read it every night

Elizabeth Kay said...

Thanks, Marc, for those lovely comments. Let me know what you think of the series as a whole when you finish the final book!